Cute Cryptid Project – WIP

I’m working on a series of cute cryptid paintings. I’ve always loved scary stories and cryptids are usually pretty great at being scary. But since I like drawing cute things the most, I decided to make them cute obviously. I want to make them into stickers, but that might change later. For now, here are Read More

Loon & Water Lily Tattoo Design

An old friend asked me to design a tattoo for her with a diving loon and water lilies with an art nouveau flair. She sent me some inspiration pictures and the loon’s wavy wings were taken from one of those pictures. Unfortunately I don’t know who the original artist was so I can’t credit them. Read More

Watercolor Narwhal

  This is another result of watching too many nature documentaries. Even some of the nature docs like to call them “the unicorns of the sea.” They are really fascinating creatures though so I can see why so many people love them. I personally find myself loving all the arctic sea creatures. It’s amazing what Read More

Watercolor Baby Harp Seal

I love drawing cute things! I watch a ton of nature documentaries too so I feel like it’s only natural that I keep painting cute animal pictures. This is a baby harp seal which you’ve probably seen pictures of before.   So cute! I couldn’t resist painting that happy face. It’s very much winter in Read More