Loon & Water Lily Tattoo Design

Posted on June 14, 2017Comments Off on Loon & Water Lily Tattoo Design

loon and water lily tattoo

An old friend asked me to design a tattoo for her with a diving loon and water lilies with an art nouveau flair. She sent me some inspiration pictures and the loon’s wavy wings were taken from one of those pictures. Unfortunately I don’t know who the original artist was so I can’t credit them. I was able to be more original with the rest of the painting though. I think I went through four different designs for the swirls in the loon before I settled on the one you see here.

One of the challenges here was that I don’t know anything about tattoos other than the lines can’t be too thin. Coloring tattoos is a mystery to me as well so I decided to just do what I normally do. I painted the whole thing with watercolor and gouache and sent it to my friend with a note saying to consider it color suggestions for her tattoo artist.

I expected to go through a few drafts with her, but we lucked out and she loved everything I showed her. I finished the sketches and the painting itself without much fuss which was great. I love how this painting came out too. It was a really fun project to work on. And now one of my best friends has my art on her body. I can’t think of a better compliment!