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    Pizza Pug

    Pizza Pug


    I’m one of those people that thinks pugs are adorable. I’ve seen some pictures before of pugs dressed up in Halloween costumes. A pizza costume is what inspired this little painting. I loved the idea of a cute pug delivering pizza. I imagine he’d take a slice as a tip.

    Painting, Watercolor
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    Polar Bears Staying Warm


    Here’s some polar bears trying to keep warm. Illustrated in watercolor and pen.

    The winter here in Minnesota has been unusually mild so far. We’ve only had a handful of days get down to what I’d call “normal” for us. That’d be around the single digits, down to about -10F. We’ve had so many days get above 30F that there’s barely any snow on the ground. It even got above 40F yesterday! It’s crazy!